Machine, Deep Learning Driven Advanced Analytics Solution

Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), NLP and Voice Support

With decades of experience in building and supporting BI and data analytics solution for major fortune companies, we realized what was missing! Visibility, Insights and Predictability for quick and pro-active business decisions.

PATH ANALYTICS bridges this gap by applying Machine and Deep Learning based solution to find pattens, anomalies and business growth opportunities in a meaningful, actionable insights manner. Built-in AI, conversational text, NLP and voice support makes it much dearer.

State-of-the-Art Analytics Platform

State-of-the-Art Analytics Platform

Our unique approach helps to combine knowledge from all different aspects of your business into one comprehensive data solution to meet the needs of executives, marketing, sales, product, engineering & operation teams.

Our focus is on creating deep learning solutions that work for you. We customize our analytic process to provide a comprehensive picture of your business, so you can make better decisions, faster.

Our innovative actionable insights product, brings instant visibility, insights and predictability in real-time using cutting edge AI technologies, machine and deep learning models.

Voice Based Analytics - Alexa, Google Home Friendly

Imagine a system that greets you daily with your business insights and actions? PATH ANALYTICS is the only product that brings derived insights into actions. You can engage on conversational manner to have better and deeper understanding using voice or text.

Voice Support NLP, Conversational Support Alexa, Google Home Ready Derived insights Predictions Basic forecasting

PATHANALYTICS enables NLP and AI based intelligence to existing BI and Data Warehouse solution. Let the system answer your questions or find patterns and actionable insights for you.

PATH ANALYTICS - Advanced Analytics Solution

Make Smart and Pro-active Data Driven Decisions

Time-to-operations, Value

Faster Time-to-value

Our experienced data teams will deploy Path Analytics application into operations within days to bring the value.

Near Real-time Analytics

Near Real-time Analytics

Works on near real-time basis and our advanced analytical models runs continuously on new data sets.

Access Any-where, Any-time

Access Any-where, Any-time

Access Any-where, Any-time from mobile to web without compromising on the functionality.

Ease-of-use, Drill-down

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

Leverages Artificial Intelligence, AI to bring key insights at finger-tips and enables voice, NLP based support.

Patterns, Anomalies

Detect Patterns, Anomalies

Machine learning and advanced analytical models will be continuously running to find patterns and anomalies.

Rich Visualization

Rich Visualization, Reporting

Enables rich reporting with complete drill-down capability along with full-text search support.

Add-on, Plug-and-Play & AI-ready Solution

PATH ANALYTICS works as an add-on or plug-and-play to bring data intelligence, AI-ready solution on top of existing data warehouse, data analytics platform without reinventing the wheel. If not, we will help in implementing end-to-end data analytics solution.

Years of Experience

Derived, Actionable Insights

Translating data into business value and growth is very important by having complete visibility and insights. PATH ANALYTICS brings systematic approach to create value chain by streamlining:

  • Data collection
  • Data refinement
  • People experience combined with trained data
  • Visualization to bring visibility and data insights
  • Ready-to-action based derived, actionable insights

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