How it started

About Pathanalytics

Pathanalytics was started with the vision to provide AI based, turn-key analytics solution and data-informed decision making power to small, medium and large scale commerce companies.

Our unified approach in integrating retail and ecommerce with supply chain and other business data, makes it a complete all-in-one, omnichannel data intelligence solution to drive unparalleled business advantages.

Our confidence increased further when first customer of Pathanalytics started doubling the sell-through within few months of usage.

Founders Background

Pathanalytics was founded by Venu Anuganti - serial entrepreneur with multiple exits in analytics space, seed inventor, and data analytics vetaran with multi-decades of experience in analytics, business intelligence and database systems.

Venu Anuganti, was one of the initial employee of the most popular open source database system MySQL, worked as Data Geek for Yahoo before starting his first database consulting company scalein. With scalein, Venu Anuganti provided services related to data architecture, database systems performance & scalability, business intelligence, data analytics and big data solutions to over 200+ companies across the globe and many are from fortune 1000 companies.

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