How it started

About Pathanalytics

Pathanalytics was created to assist businesses of all sizes in making better data-driven decisions and adopting smart automation into their operations.

Pathanalytics' AI-powered analytics solutions give businesses a comprehensive view of their data, helping them identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. This information can be used to make better decisions about pricing, inventory, performance, marketing, and other aspects of the business.

Pathanalytics seamlessly integrates retail, e-commerce, supply chain, fulfillment, and other business data to offer a unified approach to data intelligence. This all-in-one, vertically integrated omnichannel solution gives businesses unparalleled advantages. Additionally, our services help digitize manual operations and transform them into data-centric processes.

Our confidence in Pathanalytics is growing rapidly as our customer base expands. Our first few customers saw their sell-through double in just a few months of using our platform. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve similar results.

Founders Background

Pathanalytics was founded by Venu Anuganti, a highly accomplished analytics expert, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and database systems specialist. With a remarkable track record of success in founding and leading two prosperous companies, Venu Anuganti brings a wealth of experience spanning multiple decades in the domains of analytics, business intelligence, and data analytics.

Venu Anuganti, an early employee of the highly acclaimed open-source database system MySQL, served as a Data Geek at Yahoo prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of his first data analytics consulting firm, scalein. Through scalein, Venu Anuganti delivered a wide range of services to over 200 companies worldwide, including major fortune 100 companies, focusing on technology, architecture, performance & scalability, business intelligence, data analytics, and big data solutions.

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